From the Founder

Born in Indonesia and raised in Singapore, Esther has always been passionate about beauty. Throughout her life, she has had the opportunity to flourish in this world in many ways. But after having travelled, experienced the art of yoga, and explored her inner self, Esther has realized her long life dream of creating Y et Beauté. Her authenticity is not only found in her work, based on the beauty of the soul and enhancing it on the outside, but also in her beliefs on having balance in life. From beauty, to spirituality, to motherhood, Esther is the true expression of what it means to be a Y et Beauté woman.

“I believe in a balanced lifestyle. I like my organic juice in the morning but also a glass of wine at night. I practice yoga and pray daily, and love a good night out in my favorite makeup and fashion pieces. It's all about finding harmony among all aspects of life. Just as I believe that true beauty comes from within and that makeup enhances that. This blog is about the balance I achieve in my daily life and the beauty that comes as a result of loving what I do.” - Esther Widjaja