Welcome to Y et Beauté!  

And You, are beauty.

I have loved beauty for as long as I can remember. During my teenage years in Singapore, imported cosmetics were the epitome of luxury and glamour.  I would save my lunch money to buy a Dior lipstick I saw from the pages of Vogue, and save the carton to display in my bedroom.  I absolutely loved and believed in the power of skincare and makeup, I still do!

My lucky break came after graduate school as I began my career with the Estée Lauder group, and eventually at NARS, diving into the world of beauty at the great city of New York.  Coming up with exciting makeup lines and conversing with beauty enthusiasts from all the world, I felt inspired.

When I took off to India to practice yoga for an extended time, the experience finally gave me clarity and purpose. Yoga made me physically fit, and with a new perspective on health, I became more conscious of what I put in, and on my body.  I embarked on a journey to merge my two obsessions, beauty and yoga, to create what I would call “the best of both worlds” makeup.  I spent years researching and developing formulas that not only perform in color, texture and feel, but most importantly, made with high quality ingredients that are safe.  

We should not have to choose between beauty and safety, and my hope is that with Y et Beauté, you can have both, as you continue to experience the confidence and magic that makeup brings you.