What does Y et Beauté mean?

The Y stands for yoga, the practice of which was a guiding force for founder Esther Widjaja during the brand’s creation process. Beauté is the French word for beauty.


What does yoga have to do with beauty anyways?

For founder Esther Widjaja, a lot. The regular practice of yoga kickstarted a personal transformation for her, helping her create and radiate beauty in her own life. It also gave her the confidence she needed to found her own brand. And, just as yoga can instill confidence, so too can a swipe of your favorite lipstick.


What's different about these lipsticks?

From the elegant packaging to the thoughtful color palette, Y et Beauté lipsticks function as both beautiful objet and everyday essential. And they each have a story to tell; like a fragrance they are each evocative of a place. Every Y et Beauté collection is inspired by founder Esther Widjaja’s travels—think of it as a transportive effect in a tube.


Where is it made?

Our lipsticks are made in Italy.


What’s the difference between green, organic, and natural?

All three words are showing up more frequently on beauty product labels but their definitions are not interchangeable. Green or clean is a wide-angle term referring to products that are safer, non-toxic alternatives, but that don’t always go into specifics about ingredients. Natural means that the ingredients are nature-, not chemically-derived. One thing to note: because the term is not regulated by the FDA and any brand can put it on their label, it’s important to evaluate ingredient lists if it matters to you. Organic refers to the manner in which ingredients are farmed; while it’s closely regulated by the FDA, a product doesn’t have to be entirely made up of organic matter to be called organic. In the US, the percentage varies from state to state; if a product has a USDA stamp that means it’s the most organic you’ll find with a 95% ratio.


Why only 70% certified organic? 

At Y et Beauté we are focused on sourcing only top-quality, non-toxic ingredients, each of which serves a distinct purpose, directly contributing to the efficacy of our formulations. Much of the time those ingredients happen to be organic, but we are not purists about being an organic-only brand. (After all, we may juice daily, but we enjoy a cocktail too!) Quality, high-performance, long-wear, and effectiveness remain our primary objectives.  All of our ingredients are non-nano, paraben-, cruelty-, sulfate- and phthalate-free. 


Why do you use any synthetics at all?

We are all about color-payoff and, the truth is, to get the boldest, most intense pigments we need to incorporate small amounts of synthetic dyes. The few synthetics we do use are safe and of the highest quality. The end result is an incredible shade palette and long-wear performance, which is what we think our customers are looking for.


Is your product vegan?

No, because it contains beeswax, it cannot be classified as vegan.