Why is it called Flush?

This light tint pink mimics the rosy tone our completions naturally take on at some of life's most pleasurable moments:  when we receive a compliment, when we're in love, with someone else, or ourselves; when we feel beautiful; and when we experience orgasm.

Does the serum, like the other Y et Beauté products, have a deeper meaning?

The extracts of the color (Eclipta Prostrata, Melia Azadiractha, and Moringa Pterygosperama) is also known as Siddha Colors.  Siddha derives from the Sanskrit root sidh, meaning, being accomplished or fulfilled.  The Tamil Siddha philosophy is based on portions of religious text, particularly "Tantrasatra", and the goddess Shakti, the feminine aspect of the God Shiva.  Through mysticism and yogic practices, Tamil Siddhas harness the flow of the goddess energy throughout the body to reach the ultimate union goal with the Absolute and the highest consciousness.